Young Looks? – Try Anti Ageing Foods for Younger Skin!

d3e09f40-2ffc-4f6d-9e1c-6197b50b417aAs you grow older, your body functions become less smooth and you become susceptible to age-related and degenerative diseases.  In reality, nothing can make you younger or older, but certain foods can help you counteract the negative effects of ageing.  They won’t make you younger or stop you from getting older, but they can improve your overall health and vitality, and protect you against disease and illness, which could prolong your life and make your years ahead healthier.

The effective way to turn back the years is simply to change what you ate till now.  Diets are believed to be good enough, if you want to lose weight or to shape up your body. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can keep you fit.  Not much is known about the anti-ageing effects of certain food items.  Here are the top 10 anti-aging foods proven to give everyone a younger looking skin.

1.    Acai Berry Fruit – The Acai Berry diet emphasizes that the fruit contains anti-ageing properties. Besides, Acai berry fruit is also rich with vitamin and mineral contents. Also, it has colon cleansing effect and other notable benefits.

2.    Avocado – It contains adequate amount of Vitamin E, an antioxidant. You can either consume it as shake or syrup. Also, you can even make it as a face mask to give the face a firm and young look.

3.    Green Veggies –  Vegetables are a source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, K and E. The best vegetables for finding antioxidants are green, leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale.  It flush out toxins from the body thus healthier cells are greater in number inside the body.

4.    Fish – Fish or fish oil supplements, provide the body with Omega-3 fatty acids that help protect against heart disease, reduce inflammation, decrease the risk of arrhythmia and lower blood pressure. Studies have shown that people who eat a lot of fish live longer.

5.    Garlic – Aside from the antihypertensive effect of garlic, it was also proven to delay ageing and prevent the body acquiring serious diseases.   It is best recommended for old people since it maintain healthier cells plus it aids in good digestion.

6.    Varieties of Nuts – Walnuts and other varieties are rich with minerals and electrolytes needed by the body; vitamin E helps prevent cell damage; and calcium to maintain strong bones.  However, the calorie content of nuts is higher.

7.    Watermelon – It has a diuretic effect that flushes out toxins from the body.

8.    Soya – It delays menopause among women since it maintains estrogen at a normal level.

9.    Barley – It contains low amount of sugar and it helps improve digestion.

10.    Beans – Lastly, one of the best anti-ageing foods for your diet is beans. The powerhouse effects of beans are truly beneficial since it is rich with antioxidant properties.

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