Flat Stomach! – How to do you Maintain?

Already ha5f42d35-881d-413f-a2d0-462671e1ca89ave those head-turner flat abs and want to maintain their shape for God knows how long? Then, you have visited the right site. Below are tips on how to keep your shape in place, hanging on to those six pack abs that men and women envy.

Know what and what not to eat

Keep away from too much soft-drinks. They contain large amounts of acids and sugar that are not good for you. I suggest, you replace them with milk, fruit juices, and flavored water.

Cut back your junk food consumption. Instead of chips, ice cream or chocolate, eat fruits for snacks. You’ll see what huge difference it will make on your body shape and your health. This will maintain your flat stomach abs.

Lean proteins (meat, nuts, and beans), fruits, vegetables, wheat, bread, and grains must be included in your diet. These foods will provide a fuller feeling even though you have eaten less.

Dance, run, jog, and walk:  These are just some of the aerobic exercises you could do for 30 minutes for 5 days a week. As you perform these, your increased heart rate would enhance your metabolic processes that allow more heat to burn the belly fat covering your abs. In addition, crunches can also be effective to maintain those amazing abs.

Change the type of exercises you do each month. Just remember to focus on three things, your upper abdomen, lower abdomen, and your oblique. You could do a variety of crunches, leg raises, and side bends to develop the muscles in those regions. When you do these, you’re assured that those flat stomach abs won’t go anywhere.

Lift some weights: In order for you to maintain those abs, your focus must not be centered on your abs but also to the other parts of your body. Having to sustain the shape of your abs is one great thing, but possessing a toned and healthy body is another. Try to do some light weight lifting and numerous resistance trainings. As you advance on these practices, aim for heavier weights. It will raise your muscle strength to heightened levels and as a plus, add up to your charm.

Keep in mind that the fundamental requirement here is to be consistent. You must be dedicated in keeping your goals straight.

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