What are Holistic Tests?

02dea020-1ece-406f-85cb-25932f7e5728Holistic Science is an approach to research that emphasizes the study of complex systems.  This practice is in contrast to a purely analytic tradition, which aims to gain understanding of systems by dividing them into smaller composing elements and gaining understanding   through their elemental properties. The holism-reductionism dichotomy is often evident in conflicting interpretations of experimental findings and in setting priorities for future

Modern screening tests are highly scientific, but there is a long tradition of holistic approaches to diagnosis and screening, as Jayney Goddard of the Complementary Medical Association explains.

Traditional Chinese Medicine revolves around diagnosing patterns of symptoms, based on two complementary forces – vigorous Yang  and restraining Yin. These two forces must be in harmony to maintain good health, and anything that disrupts the balance between these produces ill health. Six environmental factors, or pernicious influences, are also taken into account: Wind, Cold, Fire, Dampness, Dryness and Heat.

As most ill people have a mixture of Yin and Yang symptoms, practitioners are skilled in recognising the pattern and selecting the right treatment. Diagnoses are partly based on examination of the tongue and pulse. Find a practitioner at

Iridology offers screening based on changes in the iris – the coloured part of the eye. Studying the iris under magnification allows inherited genetic weaknesses and strengths to be detected, along with tendencies towards certain health problems. Each iris is divided into six segmented rings which relate to different parts of your body.  Find a practitioner at

Reflexology involves massaging points on the feet and hands – known as reflexes – which are believed to relate to other parts of the body, including the internal organs. Reflexes also relate to states of mind. Find a practitioner at

Kinesiology is a diagnostic technique based on the belief that each muscle in your body is related to an internal organ and an energy meridian, to form a circuit. Find a practitioner at

 Naturopathy focuses on obtaining a balance between your body’s biochemistry, structure and emotions. A number of unorthodox diagnostic tests may be used, including Vega testing, hair mineral analysis, salivary hormone testing and live blood analysis for parasites. Find a practitioner at

Chirokinetic Therapy employs muscle testing as a way of communicating with the body to establish areas of imbalance. The body communicates with the CKT practitioner by relaxing a muscle group, allowing cellular memory to be investigated. Find a practitioner at and www.The-CMA.Org.UK

Colour and Light Therapy involves the use of both colour and light – as the name suggests.  Through questioning the client and making careful observations about their physical condition, the practitioner devises a treatment strategy that uses various wavelengths of light on specific parts of the body.  In a variation known as colour reflexology, the practitioner shines a coloured light torch onto reflexology points in the feet to stimulate the body’s own healing powers. Colour and light practitioners create a treatment protocol for each individual called a ‘Spinal Chart’ which the client uses to work with various recommended colours between treatments.  Find a Colour and Light Therapist at  and www.The-CMA.Org.UK

Nutritional Testing: Nutritionists are increasingly using a variety of scientific laboratory tests with their clients –ranging from blood glucose and cholesterol testing right through to more complex tests to measure levels of vitamins and minerals in the body. These tests can diagnose deficiencies and help to track a client’s progress during treatment.  Find a nutritionist at:

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