Simple Alkaline Food Recipes Help You Attain Optimum Health

04b345e4-c2fa-4b79-94bc-85f968b775e8Would you like to discover Simple Alkaline Food Recipes that will help you attain optimum health?

The kind of food you eat can affect the body’s pH balance. The body is more alkaline as opposed to acidic. You should therefore try to eat foods that alkalinize after metabolism. That is to say they leave alkaline mineral residues, which the body uses in its various functions. In a nutshell, maintaining an alkaline diet will prevent your body from accumulating metabolic acidity, which is responsible for autoimmune and degenerative diseases. Alkaline foods are natural, usually green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, some types of fruits and healthy oils.

Below is an example of alkaline food recipes you can adopt:

Chickpea Curry:

What you need:           1 cup dried chickpeas, 2 tomatoes chopped,

2 cups chopped cauliflower &  broccoli,

1 tbsp olive oil

For the sauce: One eggplant,

chopped Dash of cayenne pepper,

One garlic clove

1 tbsp curry powder,  1 tsp cumin seeds,

1 tsp salt

Procedure: Blend all the sauce ingredients to a puree. Soak the peas for 12 hours, preferably overnight. Heat the oil in a large pan and saut

Alkaline diet does wonders for your digestion, skin and mood.

Eat vegetarian foods, as these tend to be the most alkaline of all. 

If you are a non-vegetarian consuming chicken, fish or meat, the perfect way to balance alkaline-forming and acid-forming foods is to follow the 80/20 rule.  You can have plenty of vegetables, served on a base of grains, with your protein perched on top. This way you can ensure that  majority of your meal is alkaline, without having to sacrifice those foods that you really enjoy.

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