Anti-ageing Supplements! What are the Side Effects?

a36e4f82-8299-4ba1-a7a2-b3a43728f1d6Modern day people look older than they are and lose charm and attraction of their faces and bodies, due to inactive lifestyle, eating at irregular intervals, dietary deficiency and increased responsibilities at home and workplace.   As a result, people around the world have been extensively searching for some strong products to combat against ageing and make them active and young as they were some years before and live longer.

A lot of people are worried about ageing and do not want to see their bodies showing off any vital signs of ageing. Various anti-ageing products are now available in the market. These anti-ageing supplements were created in order to suppress the ageing process. These supplements works by improving the area that needs to be improved and functions almost just the same as bodybuilding supplements.

Because of the presence of different anti-ageing supplements, it is important to know that some products may contain side effects, if used for a long time. It is crucial that you have enough knowledge about the product before using it to avoid experiencing discomfort after using it for several days or months.


As you age, there are several hormones in your body that start to produce at a lower rate. Testosterone is an example of a hormone that slows down during ageing. An adequate amount of testosterone provides you with improved balance, enough strength, lowered LDL and cholesterol. As ageing occurs, the rate of testosterone hormones slows down and you experience discomfort.  As a result, you may take testosterone supplements.  For testosterone, side effects include higher level of hematocrit and acceleration of prostate cancer growth.


Slowing brain activity is a common symptom with ageing. Because of that, there are some anti-ageing supplements that focus on improving brain activities like vinpocetine. This is a semi-synthetic product extracted from the periwinkle plant. This supplement was proven to improve memory, enhance use of glucose by brain cells, cerebral blood flow enhancement and helps with mood changes. However, long-term use of this product has its own adverse effects like insomnia, dizziness, nausea and transient hypotension.


Ginkgo is another supplement meant to increase brain functions. This product is from the ginkgo biloba tree. Aside from brain functions, this supplement is also known to stabilize cells and metabolize glucose and oxygen. Side effects like vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness and bleeding might occur. This supplement is also prohibited to pregnant women if not under doctor’s recommendation.


Another antioxidant that plays a huge role in anti-ageing is spirulina. It is known to boost your immune system as well as contribute nutrients for the body. It is also known to prevent heart damage and gives recovery improvement for stroke patients. However, there are some people who have allergic reactions to spirulina. Symptoms for the allergic reactions include nausea and dry fevers.

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