What Are The Causes Of Childhood Obesity?

caffc1eb-3e8f-43d4-b01f-9ea629a206ecToday, the rise in childhood obesity has several causes. The main cause of obesity is that children eat too much and/or not perform regular exercise.  They are unable to burn the extra calories through exercises or physical activities.  These extra  calories translates into fat, and when this fat becomes excessive and more, one will become obese. This difference results in weight gain and will vary due to factors such as genes, health issues, physical inactivity as well as psychological issues.  .

 Poor eating habits and food choices:  The best healthy choices of food include vegetables and fruits.  The most popular choices include carrot, bananas, celery sticks, apples and salads that include a large variety of vegetables. By helping children understand and choose the correct and better foods during their childhood, will ensure that they make the correct choices as they move into adulthood.

Bad behavior is also one of the causes. This group of children eat food that is low in nutrition and high in fat. These children eat fast food meals, rich desserts and drink with a lot of sugar. The food that they eat does not provide enough nutrition that the children need.

Lack of Exercise:  Lack of regular exercise is a factor that contributes to the causes of childhood obesity. Modern day children  eat fast food while watching television or playing video games.  They  have a liking to  watch television, play computer games, surfing internet, chatting etc.., while exercising only their mind and not body.  When you combine the poor diet with lack of exercise, there is a  risk of childhood obesity.

Genetics:  Genetics and DNA have been found to be a contributing factor. Some children are born with genes that cause them to put on weight.  These children end up storing the fat more easily than others.  There isn’t much that these children can do about their genes, but certain steps can conquer their obesity.

If parents have a problem with overweight, chances are that the children will also deal with the same issues. Changes in lifestyle, with proper exercise can give some relief, to avoid childhood obesity – for example, walking to school, playing outdoor games rather than letting stay at home and avoid exercise.

Psychological issues and Stress:  Some study say that about 10% of people that are mildly obese are due to psychological or stress problems. Some children have a difficult time dealing with stress.  They are prone to eating in response to negative emotions like being bored, feeling anxious or being angry.

Causes of obesity can also be viewed as a weakness, a lack of willpower or a lifestyle choice of overeating and not exercising enough.

Environments:  The family home is an important place to learn about proper nutrition and adequate physical activity. Attitudes, Habits, and beliefs about food selection and how to spend family leisure time are critical factors to forming a healthy relationship with food.

Modern lifestyles have improved our quality of life, but have contributed greatly to physical inactivity. Cars are used for short trips, and the number of walking trips have decreased.

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