Anti Ageing Light Therapy – What Benefits?

eab56378-6965-4570-bd7f-a7199d88b13eI-don’t-want-to-get-old remedies is light therapy. Light therapy is a medical treatment in which beams of light supposedly melt the years away. How does light therapy work? Your body’s own ageing process, coupled with exposure to the sun and pollution, destroys collagen, the connective tissue in your bodies that keeps skin healthy and wrinkle free. Light therapy uses highly concentrated beams of light energy to tunnel though the skin and jump start the body’s natural collagen production.

Anti-aging light therapy comes in two main forms. The first is photo-dynamic therapy, which is light therapy administered by a Doctor. The second is hand-held anti-aging lights that consumers can buy. But the biggest question is do either of these light therapies really work, or are they simply methods hawked by the modern-day snake oil salesman?

Let’s face facts — no one wants to get old. No one wants wrinkles crisscrossing their face like a gas station road map. No one wants gray hair, crow’s feet and liver spots. Even the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon didn’t want to get long in the tooth. That’s why he set out looking for the Fountain of Youth.

Anti Aging Light Therapy comes in many forms. Most light machines or devices are a form of Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs. LEDs have become popular devices for at home anti wrinkle facial treatments as well as being used in beauty clinics to perform rejuvenation of the skin or photo facials, to keep up with a youthful appearance.

The major benefits are cellular repair, collagen and elastin production stimulation and a healthy glow. Scientists believe that bright light therapy works on several different levels to correct the misalignment of the internal body clock. It is is believed to stimulate the brains production of the neuro-chemicals responsible for being in a good mood.

People who live in sunny climates tend to have more of a brighter mood than those in climates where there is not a lot of sun hours in a day, especially in winter. So we know one of the benefits of light is positive feelings. Anti aging light therapy can also effect the signs of aging in the skin.

As you get older the skins supportive structure breaks down and begins to sag. Just as the harmful rays of the sun light can damage the cells that produce elastin and collagen, the good light can reverse these effects by supplying beneficial light spectrum.

Red light, monochromatic light and LEDs using red rays are the most popular for the production of collagen and elastin which gives the skin its firmness and elasticity. This type of therapy also supports cellular repair which is an added benefit of these types of facial treatments.

Red light is the safest anti aging light therapy.  Compared to laser light which often exceeds the healthy measure and therefore can also have some harmful side effects, red light is safer.

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