Effect of Deep Relaxation on Mind, Body and Health

d64694e4-e144-4fe6-b7f1-3946e037c217Your lives are full of business and you are constantly bombarded with stressors.  Your minds are continually chattering and full of worry. When you  are in this constant mental state of agitation, your body is on constant alert; your metabolic rate increases, your adrenal glands overdrive and your brain gives the signal to pump out more cortisol (the degenerative hormone) into your blood.

When you need to fight or take flight, Cortisol is important and it has helped you survive, but it is only good in small doses. Cortisol is very hard on your bodies and when you have too much of it in your blood, for too long, it accelerates your physical decline. Ageing you faster, it acts as a destructive agent. You have become habituated to a state of high alert.  This same hormone you called upon to save you in emergencies, now pumps through your bodies on a daily basis and accelerates your degeneration. In essence the high-pressure lifestyle of your age has put your body into self-destruct gear.

It is a fact that physical and mental illness is hitting people in ever increasing numbers and at much younger ages despite the fact that, as a species.  You know, but habitually ignore the fact, that the mind is the gatekeeper of your health and well being.

When in a state of deep relaxation or meditation, the brain enters what is commonly referred to as the delta brainwave state. This is the state of deep healing. While in this state, the brain sends signals to the body to release regenerative, ant-aging hormones (DHEA and Melatonin) into the blood serum while also giving the command to reduce the cortisol that gets released during high alert and stressed mental states.

Compared to the individuals of the control group those exposed to regular ‘doses’ of deep relaxation had either completely healed or extended their longevity substantially compared to those in the control group. What is conclusive is that time to relax deeply and ease your minds is crucial to your health, it is the antidote to the high-pressured lives most of you are living and without it, most of you will die younger than you need to.

A daily dose of deep relaxation, will not only improve your health, but will improve your overall mental state. By adopting a daily practice to deeply relax, you will, in time, normalise yourself into a mentally happy state.

Meditation is tranquility for the mind, and where the mind goes, the body follows. Using relaxation, meditative or binaural beat recordings are a proven, easy and effective choice. Alternatively, yoga, or tai chi might suit better. Whichever means one decides upon is secondary to the result, what is most important is that the technique used causes the brain to slow down its brainwave frequency where the damage of a high gear life can be reversed.

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