Will you meet us for your Total Body Rebalancing Retreat at Goa?

Are you stressed out both physically and emotionally?  The negative and damaging effects of your lifestyle need a break from your daily routine.  You need to try out our Total Body Rebalancing Retreat, designed to suit your requirements for detoxification and reconditioning of your body.  We have attractive packages for you, ranging from 3 to 14 days at our Beach House with beautiful and natural surroundings.

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You work very hard throughout the year and often you are under extreme pressure to perform.  You get stressed, both physically and emotionally.  Ultimately, you suffer from negative and damaging effects of your stressful hectic lifestyle.  In such situation, you need to take a break for rejuvenation of your body.  We have attractive packages for you, ranging from 3 to 14 days.

You have a desire to improve you physical or emotional health and learn how to face life’s challenges.  You need to take some time out from your busy schedule and meet us for our Total Body Rebalancing Retreat (TBRR), which is customized and tailored to address areas of your concern. We have a team of Wellness Consultants, Doctors, Nutritional Therapists and Dieticians to cater to your needs at the Retreat.

TBRR combines the finest practices from sciences like Naturopathy and Homeopathy with medical and nutritional expertise to create an all encompassing programme.  Unlike other detoxification plans, TBRR focuses on the three Wellness areas; Psychological, Physical and Physiological, restoring the balance between all three to put your whole self, both inside and outside, back on track. It consists of extensive assessment of your body whereby the Team  of professionals understand you better, so that the programme is customized to address areas of your concern.

At the start of the programme, series of assessments/tests need to be conducted to get a clear picture of your present body status.

The Team of Consultants will monitor and personalize the programme for you to cater for your unique requirements.

Our TBRR package includes luxury accommodation for you (single or couple as per requirement) with various treatments, such as Personal Diet with Nutrition Consultation & Planning –  Hold talks, Presentations, Workshops and informal group sessions on topics, such as Emotional aspects of Detoxification, Mind & Body connection, Goal Setting, Self Awareness, Stress Management and many more!

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