Are you a heavyweight woman? – Don’t miss this opportunity !!!

Sanda Retreats Programme offers Weight Loss for women, the very best long-term weight loss and fitness  combined with a vacation at the beach.   Under the guidance of our Wellness Professionals, you will learn to transform the habits practiced at the Beach House Retreat into permanent lifestyle choices. Whether you choose to attend our programme and gather a few girl friends for a group vacation, or attend on your own for a personal retreat, the choice is yours



Women find it hard to get some time for themselves, due to pressures of every day living.  Women, if overweight need to shed those excess kilograms, through exercise & nutritious diet; also relax at the same time.

Only a woman can truly understand another woman’s struggles with body image and self-care. Beginning with puberty … menopause and thereafter the biological realities of being a woman, combined with the demands placed on women in today’s society, maintaining a healthy weight has become a challenge.

As a woman, you need to understand and change the thinking that drives unhealthy eating, exercise and self-care behaviors, to improve your health, achieve a healthy weight and change your life for the better.  You need determination, dedication and willpower to lose your excess weight.  Losing weight is a difficult process, but not impossible.

You need to develop a healthier ‘you’ both physically and psychologically.  You need to find an opportunity to focus, reflect and begin to make fundamental changes the way you never thought possible.  You have tried to lose weight by dieting; you have either failed or gained the weight back within a few months. In such situation, you cannot lose weight without motivation and emotional support. This support comes from weight-loss camps/retreat.

We have a Retreat for women only at Sanda Retreat – Beach House, Goa.  Our Beach House has natural and beautiful surroundings  – overlooking the Beach at Sernabatim, Goa.

Our programme is tailor made and guided by experienced Wellness Professionals, who understand how to address a woman’s unique relationship with weight and start living the life she deserves.  Your personal preferences, such as medical concerns and lifestyle will be taken into consideration, while designing your programme.  You’ll begin to feel better almost immediately. Along with exercise and nutrients, the Centre works to lower your stress levels. Stress can play a pivotal role in your weight loss as well as your overall health. The Retreat also offers both indoor and outdoor swimming pools and yoga/mediation centers.

Are you a woman planning to shed some weight? Don’t miss this golden opportunity!  Plan yourself well in advance to avoid last minute disappointment.  Our Weight Loss Retreat for Women has an ideal package to suite your requirement – duration – 3, 5, 7, 10 or 14 days.  For Reservations log on to our website

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