What are Causes of Stress?

ee27f199-5545-410a-b768-ae16be88675cStress is an inoperable condition, which you may not be able to eradicate throughout your life.  Which Is Your Leading Cause of Stress?

1. Finances: Most studies agree that finances are a leading cause of stress. Financial stress has led the list in many modern polls.

Some who name finances as the leading cause of stress cite major purchases they have to make, such as a home or car. College students stress over paying for an education, Baby Boomers and older senior citizens find that retirement income can be a major cause of stress.

2. Work: Closely tied to finances as a cause of stress is work. Your job or career seems to cause constant stress. You worry about new types of work or new responsibilities. Work conditions may change, or you may have interpersonal trouble at work. Students, especially teenagers and college students, cite studies as a cause of stress.

3. Family: Family, wonderful though each member may lead cause of stress. Arguments erupt with a spouse or other family member. Parents divorce. Children marry. The ebb and flow of family life is filled with stress. A child moves out – an ageing parent moves in.

4. Personal Concerns: Every human has a deep-seated desire for control over his or her own life. When control is weak or missing in a given area, you experience stress. A lack of control over your own time is a leading cause of stress. You may  like to control your time, but that is not always possible.  You be involved in legal proceedings that cause stress. You may be wrestling with a bad habit. Personal change of any kind can be a cause of stress.

5. Personal Health and Safety: Stress is linked to obesity, and a desire to lose weight or may be. it is a personal bad habit, such as smoking, alcohol abuse etc..that affects health and must be changed  Illness or injury, can be a leading cause of stress for many people. Personal health is more or less stressful according to the degree of seriousness and our personal outlook on health.

Personal safety also leads to stress. Women, more than men, tend to stress about their own and others’ safety. Adults tend to stress more than young people, who may act invincible.

6. Personal Relationships: Whether it is a friendship, dating, separation, marriage, divorce, or re-marriage, a relationship can be a leading cause of stress for many. Some resort to online relationships that are easier to handle.

7. Death: Probably the most wrenching cause of stress is the death of a loved one or close friend. Even the death of a pet can be stressful. Children are always a source of stress for parents, but when a child dies, the stress is overwhelming. The same is true when a lifetime spouse passes on.

Win or Lose

Causes of stress change, as we age. The stressed child becomes a young student, stressed by the school bully. The young student becomes a teenager, stressed by acne, hormones, and dating. The teenager becomes a young adult, adjusting to college life, and managing finances. Life progresses to first jobs, marriage, children, and so on. Even if you move to a secluded cabin in the woods, stress will follow you.

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