Using Homeopathy for Detoxification

320cabad-184d-490a-8f1d-45e9a1c43efaHomeopathy for detoxification is a method that your homeopathic practitioner prescribes you (the sick) diluted agents in undiluted doses, produce similar symptoms in the healthy person. It is an approach that is holistic and uses doses of natural substances that are absent harmful side effects. Homeopathic medicine has to be prescribed according to your particular needs. Your homeopathic Doctor needs to examine you for a personalized diagnosis.

Healing is gentle and in a step-by-step fashion. What happens is that your practitioner will ask you to try a certain homeopathic remedy for a period after examining you and then help you to track the results that you are supposed to achieve. Your remedy may then be adjusted,  if needed after this period. This goes on until you are completely treated.

Homeopathy can help to detoxify against both internal and external toxins. It is useful for cleansing pollutants such as harmful heavy metals, parasites and can even remove toxins from stress, mental imbalances and chemical changes.

Toxins are intruders that can cause illness and depression, among other things, and need to be eliminated before any health can be restored. Toxins can be internal or external.

Internal toxins: Internal toxins are the product of a poorly functioning digestive tract; which is initially a result of external toxins. A compromised digestive system will result in poor digestion, which leads to poor assimilation within the body, and ultimately in poor elimination of wastes. If wastes are not being eliminated quickly enough, or if there is an overload within the body, toxins will remain behind and are often stored in fat cells, causing internal toxicity.

External toxins: External toxins include pollutants that are ingested through food additives, inhalation of chemicals that are airborne, drug residue, minerals, and any other free floating radical that is captured in the air. Just think about chemicals used to reduce weeds, in paints and auto fumes. There is also the noise pollution, stress polluters and electromagnetic toxins from your cell phone, with city living.

In homeopathy for detoxification, there is no sense in trying to cure any current ailment or prevent any illness until you have undergone treatment to remove the toxins. It would be counterproductive,  if you do not eliminate the source of your problem in the first place.
Homeopathy for detoxification is popularly in Europe and in India, but much less so in the States. The number of patients using homeopathic remedies steadily increases in Europe, with the British market rising by about 20% per year. Germany and Portugal in particular are recording even higher rates of growth for this form of medicine.

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