Negative Feelings Damage your Health?

Negative Feelings can have a physical impact by damaging your metabolism, immune system or organs.  Persistent bitterness may result in global feelings of anger and hostility that, when strong enough, could affect a person’s physical health. Harbouring grudges and feeling bitter will not only affect your mood, it can make you physically ill too. Philipa …

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Is Depression an illness?

Depression has become a catch-all diagnosis that some respected researchers say covers many other emotional and psychological conditions like anxiety, stress, and the unhappiness from distressing life events like divorce and bereavement. Busy and over-stretched doctors simply don’t have the time to make a thorough diagnosis – despite their best intentions – and giving a …

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Clinical Depression in Adults– Symptoms & Causes!

Clinical depression is characterized by severe sadness and melancholy for a prolonged period of time. It can affect a man or woman’s mental and behavioral attitude as well as his or her ability to carry out normal, everyday things. What are the symptoms of clinical depression in adults?  Severe periods of sadness that could last …

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Depression? – Try Ayurvedic Treatment

Mental depression incorporates various conditions from temporary mood swings, to consistent feelings of dejection over a period of time to severe melancholia with serious repercussions. People tend to take depression for granted, dismissing it as integral to a person’s natural disposition but in reality, it is a clinical condition that needs to be diagnosed for …

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