Six Pack Abs – No Belly in One to Two Weeks!

299808e1-c68c-4bbe-a326-08f07b51a694Fantastic! You just watched an infomercial showing how to get six pack abs in fourteen days or less. You are inspired and ready to go. Two weeks is nothing when you look in the mirror and see your abs where you once had none.

Here are the steps to achieve this goal. The first one is to set aside time every day to get the six pack look. No, you won’t need to take time off work and live in a gym. Just make yourself swear to keeping a daily commitment and you’ll achieve results.

I know it can be tempting to go home and relax after a hard day, but stay focused for these two weeks. Just stay committed to your daily weight training, abdominal workout, and cardio training. In two weeks, you’ll be glad you did.

How To Melt Off The Fat

Getting in shape usually calls for three sessions of cardio workouts in a week. All it takes is 30 to 40 minutes. Before you take to the track, warm up with some light body weight exercise routines first so your muscles are ready for the activity. Deep squats, some side lunges, and a cross over lunge are great exercises to do before you run.

Also, weight training is a vital step towards your goal. Chest and quads are large muscle groups, and when you get them involved you’ll burn more calories than working your small muscles, like your biceps.

Also, get enough sleep, as inadequate rest interferes with toning, training and weight loss. Over training can be a real problem especially to people who are new to exercise.

Also don’t be tempted to follow a crash diet. Crash diets can actually impede your weight loss progress. Not to mention, they are unhealthy and they make you feel awful. You don’t need to starve yourself, there are better ways of getting rid of that extra weight.

You are better off doing one of three things when it comes to your diet: do intermittent fasting, minimize carbs, or try calorie cycling. Any one of the plans work well for fast fat loss.

My favorite way to get lean is to go low-carb by simply eliminating all foods that are made with flour or sugar. Instead, eat fresh vegetables and fruits to get the nutrients your body needs. Keep a chart of the carbs you consume, because you want to stay under 100 grams a day.

After workouts, you can be a little more liberal with your carb intake. Your body is better prepared to utilize carbs then, rather than store them as fats. However, I suggest two great after workout carbs – the banana and the yam. A medium banana is about 26 grams and a yam 27 grams of carbs.

Two week from today you are going to look in the mirror and realize you did it. You now have that hot a toned body that people envy. And when they ask you how you did it, you can tell them that you got your six pack abs in two weeks following this simple plan.

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