Is Dancing for Fun Beneficial for your Fitness?

c6a1bde1-576a-4056-b57c-ccf6c43895fbWhen you try to lose weight, regular exercise is just as important as a healthy balanced diet.  A varied exercise regime can certainly help keep you fit and highly motivated. Dancing can provide an energetic and fun workout.  There are plenty of styles to suit all tastes. It can be done at a local class where you can meet new friends who have the same goal, or in the comfort of your own home.  Dancing is so effective because it raises your heart rate, promotes healthy movement and works your entire body.

Dancing is expressive, creative and consequently, fantastic for your physique! I have been belly dancing for a couple of years, and wish I had discovered my love for dance sooner. It’s so much fun!

Dancing should be tried by both men and women. Whether you are interested in hip-hop, oriental dance, ballroom, tap, swing, or salsa, there is a style of dance for everyone. There are so many benefits to trying dance:

Benefits of Dancing

-Encourages freedom of expression

-Great cardiovascular activity

-Fantastic for weight loss

-Easy on joints and ligaments

-Builds strength

-Improves endurance

-Improves co-ordination

-Improves posture

-Supplements other physical activity

-Great for social events (parties, weddings)

-Improves self esteem and body image

-Helps to bring a shy person “out of his/her shell.”


How to Start Dancing?

 First step: Research dance styles, based on your interests. Do you want to dance with a partner? Consider taking swing or salsa. Do you like turning, leaping, and the challenge of being precise? Ballet is beautiful and takes a lot of dedication. Are you into modern music? Break dancing, hip-hop and jazz could be well suited.

Second step: Find a dance studio that offers lessons for adult beginners. Many fitness facilities also offer dance classes. If you are already a member, check the schedule. Classes may already be included in your membership. Consider your goals too. If you want to dance for fun, a gym is definitely a great place to start. However, if you want to perform and learn in depth techniques, then find a studio which specializes in your chosen style.

Finally, commit to at least a few months of classes. It can be challenging at first. Plus, you do need to learn basics, and become comfortable with the moves, before having fun with your new dance. Give it a chance, practice, and keep with it to give your body a chance to adapt to the new way of moving.

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