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b624922f-1a51-4952-aeb5-688f6a01aa82You can do any activity of your choice to get your body fit.  You can plan work outs, such as weightlifting, weight training, body building, and resistance training

Weightlifting is the basic activity of lifting the weights. If you just want a basic exercise programme, this is the one for you. Lifting weights can help you lose weight and change the shape of your body. Lifting weights will change the look and tone of your body, if done correctly. By doing this activity you raise your metabolism, strengthen your muscle tone, strengthen your bones, and raise your confidence and self esteem.

Weight lifting is basically setting goals to make you look and feel better. You do this at a steady pace, usually on your own or with a friend.

Weight training is the activity that involves the use of the actual weight. If you do this type of training you aren’t only lifting the weights, you put around your ankles and run, to increase speed. Also putting a weight on your chest and doing sit ups, increases muscle mass in the abdominal area. Boxers put weights around their wrist and jog and punch the air to improve speed and agility. There are many other ways you can use the weights other than lifting.

Resistance training is even broader type of training than weight training because resistance can be supplied by weights, punching bags, machines, jump ropes, rubber strands and anything else that has to do with exercising. A type of resistance training is called strength training. It basically focuses body strength and has nothing to do with appearance of the muscle size.

Bodybuilding is a more of a sport. The main goal of this sport is to get your muscles as large as they possibly can. Bodybuilders want their entire body to be bigger and bulkier. They want every muscle proportionate, as well as minimize body fat and become even stronger than they already are. To become a body builder you would need to weight train, increase your caloric intake by at least double daily, and get lots of rest between workouts. This sport takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Benefits of bodybuilding include: reduced body fat, increased muscle mass, stress relief, much more daily energy, builds confidence, builds strength for sports, more appealing to the opposite sex.

Power lifting is a sport about pure strength; consists of three events: The squat, bench press, and dead lift. Power lifting is also nowhere near as popular as weightlifting. Reason being, there is not a very high level of competition as in weight lifting. These athletes’ main goal is to become the strongest man/woman in the world. When power lifting it is not important on what the technique is or how it looks, as long as the weight is lifted. Power lifters do not only lift weight they can lift anything from tree trunks to pulling semi-trucks.

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