Financial Stress and its Effects

Generallye23091e4-9813-4155-b415-a77ffc6f5f6c, the money that you own doesn’t give you much stress; the dilemma at hand is the money that you don’t have. Now a days, people measure their success by how much you are earning. If it’s a lot, that makes you a better person. This might be one of the reasons why a significant amount of people have a lot of health problems that are linked to stress coming from the lack of it.

What are the effects of the so called financial stress? The most common response or readily seen effect is the unhealthy coping behaviour a person exhibits. People who are financially stressed like to forget about their problems and anxiety by drowning themselves through drinking, smoking, overeating and other unhealthy behaviours that just lead to more stress.

Another effect of financial stress is the loss of sleep. People experience sleeping problems due to the pressure of thinking about where to earn more. Lack of sleep then impairs their immune performance and cognitive abilities, making them unproductive and more prone to moodiness and irrational decision-making.

People who are under a lot of financial stress also tend to put aside less money for their own self-care. Since they are in a tight budget, they sacrifice the portion for their health care for a more basic need like food, water bills, and housing payments. This might be something small, but often ignoring your health can lead to a larger problem thus adding more stress.

Another common effect of financial stress is developing unhealthy emotions. A great deal of debt can take a toll on a person’s health. They experience anxiety, frustrations, and tend to feel hopeless as the debts and bills they have to pay rise up into a big heap of stress. This often leads to depression and in some cases to suicide.

With people ignoring their own selves and work their bodies into exhaustion, financial stress would be too hard to handle. It needs a lot of mental, physical and emotional re-assessing in order for one to get back on the right track and start handling these sources of stress and finding ways to manage them in a more healthy way to avoid these common effects of financial stress and their other stressors.

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