Does Swimming Burn Belly Fat?

1973ebb8-e1ac-4637-84b7-324c69b96563Doing swimming workouts is an excellent way to stay in shape and burn some calories, but is this really an effective way to burn belly fat? Are swimming workouts good for your abs?

As swimming is a cardio workout that does get your heart pumping, your muscles straining, and your body moving, it does burn calories and body fat. It doesn’t target belly fat specifically, no, but it does help to reduce fat from all over your body, your stomach included.

If you’re going to be swimming a lot and your goal is to lose lots of belly fat and get flat abs, you will need to keep in mind that swimming is not a recreation or just a fun filled activity any more. You’re going to have to get serious about it if you want to see the best fat burning results from it.

I recommend that you set some preliminary and long term goals for what you wish to achieve with swimming.

As the levels of your belly fat and muscle tone depend on more than just your workouts (other factors include your diet, sleep habits, lifestyle, and so on), I want you to set goals of laps and speeds to determine how well you’re progressing in the pool.

The purpose of setting goals is not to become the next Michael Phelps but to give you something measurable to strive for, to work hard to achieve. If you’re determined to be able to complete 50 laps in 6 months, you will put in a lot more effort in the pool to achieve this. This will make you workout harder will will also be good for your abs.

Swimming is an excellent way to burn belly fat because it involves a few elements that all contribute to rapid calorie and fat burning:

1. Swimming is an excellent, fat burning cardio workout. It burns fat all on its own.

2. Swimming workouts are also strength workouts. You’re actually building muscle tissue and getting a cardio workout at the same time.

3. You’re working your entire body while in the pool and burning more calories as a result.

As you can see, working out in the pool can be a very good way for you to lose some body fat, get in shape, and improve your physical fitness level. I urge you take this sport seriously and you will get the best results.

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