Ayurveda Remedy For Headache and Migraine

05738923-0cbc-4ca0-b720-3191d9798098More and more people are discovering that unlike modern, western means of treating one’s illnesses, the ayurvedic route is much more beneficial. We all know that when we take in different kinds of medications, our body respond in a way that our liver gets affected. Another disadvantage is the ability of different diseases to mutate and to no longer be vulnerable to medicines. These reasons are enough to lead thousands of people into looking for a new way to treat their chronic headaches .

Headache is one ailment that most of us relate with. The pain associated with headache can range from mild to severe but the complications may be extremely uncomfortable including nausea, insomnia and loss of appetite. Ailments like sinusitis, hypertension or fever may also trigger your headaches.

A very common remedy to headache is by applying paste on one’s forehead. The best part of all, you can make your ayurvedic paste out of ingredients that you can gather in your kitchen. Get the same amounts of almond, cinnamon and clove. Grind all of these together and add water as needed to thin out the paste so that it becomes easy to spread. Apply the paste on your forehead. You may also do the same kind of paste using sandalwood. The same thing goes for a mixture of clove powder and cinnamon oil, and applying the mixture the same way.

There are a few things that you have to avoid doing to get rid of your headaches. Fruits and vegetables are great for headaches provided that there isn’t that much oil involved. Aside from greasy foods, stay away from spicy and sour foods. Keep from eating yogurt later in the day If the need for a milk product is so great, try drinking hot cow’s milk. Being well rested also works great for warding off headaches. Headaches are aggravated by stress. And keep a positive perspective all the time. Being angry all the time will never work to solve your headaches rather it will aggravate it.

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