Are you Happy & Confident still Feel Like a Loser?

9a5dea7c-b0ec-4a55-8b34-1beb67a01769Even the most outwardly successful persons can lack confidence in themselves in certain situations. How can you learn to be a more confident person? Read these essential self-esteem and confidence-building tips.

Your Inner Voice:  You and only you can choose to be confident confidence is essentially an attitude. Having a confident state of mind and secure self-esteem is something that comes from within YOU and ONLY YOU. Many people consider confidence as a result of a particular achievement or status. People who lack confidence and self-esteem often feel that they have no control over their lives, that they were born ugly, or poor or stupid. You have to realize that self-confidence is not dependent on your achievements or status and that confidence can be learned and developed with practice and the right techniques.

Getting into a Confident State: Remember the last time you felt truly confident and happy, when you received a prize at school, or your Dad praised you for a particular achievement. It does not matter how big or small the actual achievement was; you are simply trying to replicate the emotion of feeling totally confident.

 Smile and Walk Tall: Look in the mirror and give a big, deep smile. Straighten your shoulders, put your head up and walk tall. If you act confident, you will feel more confident. Your mind and body are capable of incredible things.

Be Aware of Your Breathing: If you need to, slow down your breathing, during stressful moments, be aware of your breathing. Focus on making each breath deeper and slower and you will gradually feel more calm and confident.

Use Positive Language: Use positive language as much as possible. Avoid phrases such as  – “I’m not good at” – “I can’t”  – “I shouldn’t”  – “I have to”  – “But…”   – “Alright for some”

Be Positive Towards Others

If we are positive towards others, they are more likely to be positive towards you. Try to be positive, polite and as nice as possible to people around you. Focus on them, listening and empathizing with their situation and you are likely to receive a similar response back.

What to do about people who constantly batter your confidence? 

Remember that self-confidence comes from you and not from others. If you have someone who is constantly putting you down, you could try and avoid contact with the person.  You might have a parent who always tells you to save more money, get a girlfriend, lose weight, work harder, be more like someone else. Whenever you hear these words just say to yourself “they are only saying these things because they love me and want the best for me. I love mom and her comments because she only wants the best for me”.

Confidence Will Be Achieved: Like many things in life, having confidence takes practice. Just keep working at your confidence and self-esteem little by little and you will achieve the goal!

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