Your Mind Power for Personal Growth, Development & Success

da6f3be4-4385-4a9f-81a4-d5e6624310fb There are many aspects to personal growth and development that are important, if you want  to be successful. You will need to learn new skills, you will need to develop a positive attitude and stay focussed on achieving your objective.

One vital aspect of personal growth and development is that you need to train your mind. Unless you develop a mind that equal to the demands of greater success, your success will be short lived.  There are a number of areas where you may need to use mind power for personal growth and development.

Can you believe,  it is important to you?
Your beliefs – what you believe to be true, and your values – what is important to you have a very powerful effect in your behaviour. If you are trying to achieve something that is in conflict with either of these two areas, you will find it difficult or even impossible to achieve long term success.

The most troublesome area is limiting beliefs – statements that begin with “I can’t…”, “I’m not…” or any other negative phrase. If you believe you can’t earn more than Rs.50,000/- in a month, you will almost certainly find it very difficult to break through this income barrier.

How has your mind been trained?
At a deeper level, we have all been conditioned since childhood and we have habits of thought that are deeply ingrained in our minds. Many of these habits are good for you – checking that there is no traffic when you cross the street is good for your survival!

However you have also probably picked up many habits of thought that are not beneficial. Sometimes your habits of thought affect the way that you process and respond to information as you receive it through your senses. Are you a person who always looks for problems or do you habitually try to find solutions?

Your mind has been “trained” by many influences – your parents, your society, your culture, your experiences in life. You will need to examine your thought processes very carefully to detect the subtle influences of your past conditioning.

Use your mind power to overcome your barriers to success
As you have seen, your mind can have many barriers to success built in to it. You may have limiting beliefs that prevent you from getting the results you want. You will need to take the time to identify potential problems and then find ways to eliminate them.

The best tool you have to eliminate the barriers to personal growth and development is your own mind. If you use mind power you can overcome any obstacle that you create for yourself.

The challenge before you is where to start and how to train your mind. There are many good personal growth and development tools available today. There is a selection of tools to help you use mind power to clear away barriers.

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