Yoga Basics to Practice Yoga at Home

f8475190-129e-4cd2-a2f5-e38b8f92d8ddContact  Qualified Yoga Instructor and get some Yoga Basics:  If you solely learn your yoga from a DVD, yoga posture cards or audio tapes, you might be practicing yoga in the whole manner. An incorrect pose or movement may cause long-term damage. It’s worth getting basic lesson from a certified instructor first to save you pain later on. Consult your doctor if you have any particular health issues, especially back and neck problems.

Wear Comfortable Clothing and use a Proper Yoga Mat: One of the great things about yoga is that you can practice it almost anywhere. However, a yoga mat helps prevent you from slipping and adds padding for when you are in lying, sitting or kneeling poses. Wear loose fitting clothes so you can get into postures and stretches comfortable. Yoga is best practiced barefoot.

Don’t skip Breathing: Many beginners to yoga do not follow the breathing sessions. Correct breathing is an essential and enormously beneficial part of yoga.

Don’t Strain: When performing yoga, try to concentrate on each movement and pose. Focus on the now and try to perfect each pose. Do not strain or over stretch, do not worry, with enough practice, your flexibility and strength will come.

Practice Yoga in the Morning: If you can, practice your yoga first thing in the morning. Firstly, this will help stretch out your muscles after sleeping. Secondly, yoga differs from regular stretching exercises in that yoga works on a much deeper level. Yoga builds awareness of your body so it enlivens the mind and spirit, not just the body. Practicing your yoga in the morning gets you in the proper physical and mental state for the busy day ahead, and it sets a routine which you are more likely to stick to. Distractions such as unfinished work, social commitments or tiredness might get in the way later in the day.

Avoid Eating at least two hours before Yoga Session:  Drink enough water before you begin and avoid eating around two hours before you start your yoga session.

Avoid drinking water during Yoga Practice: Taking water breaks during your yoga practice might break your concentration and might make you feel nauseous. You can drink water directly afterwards. You can also eat within 20-30 minutes after your yoga practice.

D0n’t skip or fast-forward your Yoga Video: Try to perform the poses in the order they are presented on the yoga video, since the routine is designed to warm your body up, wind you down properly at the end and to balance each different muscle group.

Most meditation practitioners have experienced the pain of stiff knees and an aching back at one point or another. The good news is that Yoga can condition you to sit longer—and more comfortably. You hold poses for several minutes, stretching the connective tissue around a joint. This, over time, can improve your seated meditation practice.


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