Why is sex good for your health?

49256cb1-9a6d-4ff2-8829-d003493a4755Sex can do wonders for both your physical and psychological wellbeing.  Here are the benefits:

It burns calories:Exercise should be fun.  It may not burn as many calories as an hour on the treadmill or 50 lengths in the pool, but – when done vigorously enough – sex still gives you a worthwhile cardio workout. It may sound hard to believe but sex can burn off up to 150 calories every half hour.

It is a natural painkiller:“Not tonight darling, I’ve got a headache.” Well, time to put this particular excuse, quite literally, to bed. Studies show that reaching orgasm is a natural, powerful painkiller. As you approach and then achieve The Big O, production of a chemical called oxytocin surges within your body. Oxytocin is known to reduce all sorts of general pain, including, of course, headaches.

It can relieve stress:The fact that having sex regularly makes people calm, relaxed and less prone to stress won’t come as a revelation to many. This indicates that a person is in a happy, loving relationship and has many reasons to be cheerful.

It helps you sleep:Sleep deprivation can have a devastating impact on your wellbeing, with sufferers at an increased risk of conditions ranging from stress and depression to poor performance at work and disruption to family life.

It can boost your immune system:According to scientists, having sex at least once or twice a week increases production of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, or IgA, which protects the body from infections like the common cold and flu.

It can protect your heart:The very thought of sex with someone you are attracted to is enough to send your heart rate through the roof.  In women, sex increases production of oestrogen, which is known to protect from heart disease. And there is good news for your man too – another study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health claims that sex two or more times a week reduces the risk of fatal heart attack, again by 50%, when compared with those men who do it less than once a month.

 It improves your confidence:You’re more likely to exercise, eat well and adopt a strict beauty regime, such as looking after your hair (on various parts of your body), skin and nails. And if you look better, you feel better, thus giving your confidence a considerable boost.

It keeps you young:Sex holds back the ageing process. When you reach orgasm, the body secretes DHEA, a hormone which is known to improve the health of the immune system, boost cognitive function, aid tissue repair and keep skin looking and feeling healthy. DHEA also encourages the production of other hormones like oestrogen, which can prolong life by improving cardiovascular health.

It strengthens your pelvic floor:Kegel exercises, named after Dr Arnold Kegel, involve the contraction and then relaxation of muscles that make up part of the pelvic floor. Experts recommend that all women practise these daily to prepare them for the stresses of the later stages of pregnancy and to treat stress urinary incontinence.

It can fight depression:There is more to this theory than the fact that satisfying sex can put a great big smile on your face.. Hormone prostaglandin, which is found in semen, may be absorbed into the female body, where it helps to regulate her hormones and thus reduce the risk of mental illness.”

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