While Eating On The Go, Do You Leave Behind Nutrition?

222396a4-4e90-4536-b096-ba84ba9d3942If the day was longer and you had less to do, eating healthy would be a cake walk. Unfortunately, it seems that the pace of daily life leaves you with no other option, but to eat on the run. Eating on the run often forces you to choose convenience over nutrition at a hefty cost.

Fortunately, your busty lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to fall into unhealthy eating patterns. Here are a few great ways to stick to a healthy and nutritious diet in the midst of your action packed daily life.

Drink Smart: You may be crave for Cola, that single drink can tack on as many as 100 – 150 extra calories onto your total daily intake. Save those calories for something more substantial and opt for natural fruit juice. If you crave your favorite carbonated beverage, choose a diet soda. If you find you are still thirsty after your soda, quench your thirst with a glass or bottle of water.

Be Snack Savvy: Sometimes it’s snacks, not breakfast, lunch, and dinner that cause your waist line to expand. Whether you sit at your desk or drive the kids to a game, snacks are perfect to hold you over until dinner. Unfortunately you often pick snacks that are packed with calories and fat. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips or cookies look for a healthier option. Want a cookie? Try a chocolate chip granola bar instead. Not only are these options lower in fat and calories, they will also satiate your hunger and leave you fuller longer.

Know What You’re Eating: When it comes to fast food it’s far easier to eat blindly. Unfortunately, the drive thru menu of your local fast food joint doesn’t offer you the startling information. Next time you have a free moment, go to the website of the fast food restaurant of your choice and read the nutrition facts. You may be shocked to find out just how much fat is in those burger or just how little is in that grilled chicken sandwich. Making it a point to familiarize yourself with these things will help you make wiser and healthier decisions.

Stock Up on Fruits: Fruit is your best ally in healthy eating on the run. It’s a healthy, sweet, satisfying that can be relished everywhere. Since fruits are often packed with nutrients, vitamins, and water they tend to keep your hunger at bay for a bit, while giving you a bunch of nutritional essentials.

Pack Your Lunch: Preparing your lunch at home can help you stay on the path of healthy eating. Things like wraps, lean turkey breast and low fat cheese are terrific, filling alternatives to other lunch time cuisines. Not only will you be more aware of what you’re eating, you will also have more control of what you eat. Pack your lunch, two low fat snacks, a bottle of water and a piece of fruit will get you through the day without making bad dining decisions.

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