What’s the Link Between Weight Loss and your Mind?

d6ac023d-8e10-483a-a892-b1ffef5eef93Weight loss and the mind work hand in hand, and those who do not believe this are kidding themselves and will struggle to lose pounds and keep them off. If you think you can just go and start any diet or program without conditioning your mind for success, you will not last. Diets and programs will only assist you so much in achieving your desired weight loss goals. They are simply tools which are required but are worthless if not applied correctly. This is where your mind comes in to play.

Conditioning your mind will not happen overnight. You need to train your muscles and feed it the correct information. Both weight loss and the mind will improve simultaneously once you begin conditioning.

We are not talking about positive thinking here, that may work for some in the short term but will not last long.  The only way is to lose weight with strong emotional pain and lose weight with unbelievable emotional pleasure.

This will have a strong effect on your nervous system, enough that it will plant seeds into your subconscious to guide you into the direction that both will avoid pain and give pleasure. It is your minds way of taking care of you. This will prompt you into taking action with more energy and motivation. Not because you want to, but because you feel you must.

Weight loss and the mind require each other in order to feed off of one another. Both the terms ‘mind over matter’ and ‘your physiology controls your mind’ are spot on and should always be remembered. The best way to achieve this is through visualisation.

Visualisation will improve both weight loss and the mind like your nervous system. This can be done by thinking about and feeling all of the emotional pain being overweight has caused you in the past, until this point. Really, you feel the emotional pain.  Otherwise it will be a pointless exercise. When it gets to the point where it is too overwhelming, that’s when you stop.

Then visualise yourself in the future achieving your weight loss goals and feel the emotional pleasure that it will give you. More energy, more opportunities and the life you deserve. Feel it as though it has actually happened. When you feel a strong sense of pleasure and relief, that’s when it’s time to stop and begin making plans and taking action.

When this is done every day, you build a stronger connection between weight loss and the mind. This will cause you to become unstoppable and inevitably reach your desired goals. That’s how important weight loss and the mind are to success.

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