What’s the Importance of Humour in Your Life?

57158fde-71f9-40af-9f5f-e648be66f3a4Can you imagine the world without humour? Indeed, it will not be appealing since every person you may encounter along your way will have grimace or serious faces. You won’t find it pleasurable,  if even once in a while you can’t laugh or even smile.

Humour, in a form of jokes and amusements, is important because it is one of the major ways that you can laugh out. Laughter is good as it symbolizes happiness. In fact, studies show that laughter is the best medicine; if you laugh or smile, there are lesser muscles being used than frowning.

In daily activities:  Everyday people are being engaged with lots of activities. Fathers go to work – children/students  go to school to shape their future – mothers stay home to take care of their children.  There is a possibility that they may not see the real meaning of their lives because humor is not there.

It is a great feeling when in the middle of your being preoccupied, a joke from your office mate strikes. You will then find yourself hysterically laughing. Humor can lighten up your days. It gives you opportunity to rest for a while and to loosen up.

When you laugh, you will feel like being freed from stress and pressure. Actually, once you focus on the positive side of life like never minding problems that can make you feel sad, it has the ability to make you look young and healthy.  It may help you see and appreciate the beauty of the world. It can help reduce negative atmosphere when there is threat of arguments among your colleagues.

In a Teaching:  Listening is essential for you to learn. Perhaps, you are in a seminar and you find your instructor boring, you tend to be distracted. That’s the time when you focus yourself on imagining pleasurable thoughts to divert your attention. This will also hinder you to acquire knowledge from your instructor.

Sense of humour must be included in the characters of teachers. This way, they will be able to get the attention of their students to focus on the lesson matter. If everybody in the room would laugh, it will help them relieve the tension and feel more relax. Each of the students will have the interests to interact during the class. They will feel more comfortable with their instructor.

In Entertainment:  Entertainment will not be pleasurable without humour in it. Like for instance, attending a party must be entertaining. You got the chance to meet other people and to mingle with them.

Humour has the power to unite people together. For those artists who have sense of humour, they capture the hearts of many audiences. The audiences feel being closed to their idols. And also, they will have an impression that their idols are approachable compared to those artists who are strict and serious.

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