What Are the Best Foods For Losing Weight?

9a8d175b-b96a-4f79-825b-a1c3af033935If you starve your body, sure it will lose the excess fat and also lose the essential fats needed to survive. Your body requires sustenance to keep itself functioning and it needs the nutrition of good and healthy foods to keep you healthy and strong.

The best way to lose the excess weight is by actually eating meals in smaller quantities four to six times a day. The number of times eaten in a day will make the body cut down on huge calories in one meal. It will also lessen the craving. Eating thrice a day actually makes the body crave for more food than it actually needs.  Drinking a lot of water will also stave off the hunger between meals as well as hydrate the body on the cellular level.

Eat lots of fresh vegetables and raw fruits, fish instead of red meat, lean meats instead of fatty pork and chicken, cut down on the soda even if they are labelled ‘diet’ and most of all, exercise and plenty of water to flush out the toxins. Before you know it, the pounds will have not only melted away, but your skin is glowing and your body is healthy.

Most of the foods that you consume are fast foods.  These are laden with chemicals that open your taste buds but in nutrition they are at the low end of health.

Coffee, nicotine and alcohol will make the body not only absorb its poisons, but will increase the gastric juices and give you heartburn, but the alcohol will make sure that the liver will forget all other activities but to flush it out. This will only increase the quantity of bad cholesterol and fat in the body.

Any animal or cattle by products are actually not good for the body.  Eating sugar and sweets like desserts also needs to be lowered considerably.  For example, substitute sugar with honey, because it is healthier with nutritional value and is also natural and unprocessed.  Therefore easier for the body to break down and absorb.

Use herbs and spices to flavor your foods. Instead of coffee, try taking tea.  Tea is known to be important to health because it not only washes out the toxins from the body, but also has enough caffeine to satisfy the caffeine addict.

Green tea is now a very popular beverage not only for its great and refreshing taste, but because of the Teavago which is pure, natural and caffeine free Epigallocatechin Galate (EGCC), a powerful antioxidant and an effective fat burner that enhances the body’s metabolism – a big help to your weight management programme.

When you go on a nutritious diet you should also go on a workout programme. This will help promote sweat to eliminate toxins from the body. With exercise, the muscle will demand more food and the body would respond by breaking down the foods consumed faster and more efficiently. The result would be a lean and toned body that are usually seen in fitness models.

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