The Unsung Heroes Who Live With Mental Health Issues

The-unsung-heroes-who-live-with-mental-health-issues-300x169Mental health has long been a silent issue – something that people did not like to talk about and therefore it frequently went unmentioned. People who did not have any kind of mental health issues were unaware of the struggle that those who do went through on a daily basis. Thanks to awareness campaigns and increased positive regard for the mental health profession, some of the stigma associated with mental health has been removed.

There is still, however, a huge margin where many people do not understand the effect that mental health problems can have on a person’s wellness and wellbeing, and do not value the heroic struggles that many people around them are (often silently) making to live their lives.

Many people struggle with mental health problems, and at times this can be a serious problem. Those with more serious conditions sometimes live in sheltered accommodation, or have a live-in career (such as a partner or a parent). Some are capable of carrying out normal tasks and some hold down jobs (sometimes through a supported scheme) while others may need to attend day care or be admitted to hospital from time to time.

Those who support people with mental health issues are also worthy of some positive recognition. Sometimes these are parents or partners of the affected person, or they may be people in the wider community such as a friendly neighbour or friend who checks up on someone from time to time. This can be a vital part of someone’s life.

Professionals, such as social workers, psychiatrists and counsellors also play a very important role in supporting those with mental health problems, and their work is often carried out in difficult circumstances, both due to the nature of the illnesses that they are dealing with and due to the constant budgetary restraints of their profession.

Finally, all those who campaign to raise awareness and quality in the areas of mental health are to be commended too for the work that they do to support those suffering.

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