The Importance of Collagen and Elastin in Anti Ageing Skin Treatments

Loading ImageThe cosmetics and skin care market is a huge one and bursting at the seams with millions of aging skin moisturizers brought out by different brands. And yet, millions of women are still dissatisfied and disgruntled with the basket of products on offer, because apparently very few of them work. Women and men have finally realized that just because particular aging skin moisturizers sport forbidding price tags might not necessarily mean they are great products as well.

Anti aging skin moisturizers basics
Sometimes cosmetics companies hike up the prices of their products to compensate for the millions of dollars they are splurging on glossy advertising campaigns starring Hollywood celebs and supermodels. Don’t think they are putting active natural ingredients in proper desired proportions in those attractive little jars and bottles. These companies are keener on earning a tidy little profit.
So when you are shopping for aging skin moisturizers, it helps to shop around and conduct some in depth research before purchasing something. After all you don’t want to waste your hard earned money on something that wont work.
The best aging skin moisturizers are those which contain optimum amounts of active super ingredients like cynergy TK, CO enzyme Q 10, nano lipobelle, phytessence wakame, Resveratrol, Manuka honey, collagen, elastin, super anti oxidants, vegetal glycerol etc which are all foundation agents. In this article on aging skin moisturizers, I will concentrate on collagen and elastin.
As we age, the elastin and collagen levels in our skin start depleting and breaking down and because of the loss of these 2 skin proteins we start developing wrinkles and fine lines.
The protein collagen is pretty fibrous by nature and it is dissimilar to other kinds of proteins because of its superior tensile strength. It helps to provide firmness to the skin. Now you can easily understand why our skin loses firmness and starts to sag when the collagen levels start falling.
Elastin on the other hand imparts elasticity, flexibility and firmness to the skin. When you stretch your skin and then after relaxing, your skin returns to the original condition, the credit can be given to elastin.
There are aging skin moisturizers that will fill in your wrinkles and lines and impart an appearance of youthful, radiant, glowing skin when you slather it on. But the moment you wash it off, you return to your original haggard self!
Do you really want to invest money in a product like this? Or do you want aging skin moisturizers which are enriched with ingredients which will, for a change, trigger elastin and collagen production and this will help you reverse the signs of aging.

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