Terrible Back Pains – Try Yoga for relief!

6d91ddbf-54e0-4a68-b717-15162a5f2dd8Back pains take many forms, sometimes harmless, but most of the time terrible and dangerous. All the same, both shouldn’t be ignored. Causes of backache include rigidity of the muscles in the back and feeble abdominal muscles. Also, lifestyle may also contribute to backaches; constant strenuous work without a daily exercise is one example. Poor body posture may cause the back muscles to constrict, thus, resulting to back pains.

One sure way of preventing back ailments is through Yoga. Yoga is an Indian word which means “union”. It is a form of exercise combining different patterns for breathing and several routines for the body to achieve a more peaceful and healthier mind. Benefits from Yoga are countless; practicing it doesn’t only help the mind, but it also aids in improving the body as well.

Abdominal and back muscles are some of the most important muscles in the body. They make up the spine, which is essential in body movements and in keeping a proper upright posture. If the body maintains the correct posture, prevention can be assured. These muscles can be strengthened by practicing Yoga. Yoga offers different postures such as the Cobra, which is the easiest and most popular routine. The principle behind this is to imitate the animal’s posture. To execute this routine, first, lay down on your stomach with the arms stretched on the ground above the head. Relax your body and keep your elbows out. Then, mimic the Cobra’s posture by slowly raising your body. This posture should form an arch on your back, so that your abdominal muscles stretch while the back muscles relax. Keep this posture for 10-15 seconds, then, slowly move the upper part of your body to the ground. Regularly performing this routine will help in preventing possible injuries in the future.

For backaches, it’s best to exercise your body, even if it’s painful, rather than resting it or taking medications. Practicing exercise routines will give you long-term solutions for back pains. Be sure to ask for recommendations from medical experts before performing any Yoga routine.

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