Rise of the Treadmill for Weight Loss?

7e44b63f-b720-4642-bd0f-e23a2ee115f7Finding an effective way to lose weight is a problem that confronts many people. In today’s high tech society, where many of us lead increasingly busy and stressful lives, we are only too aware of the negative impact on our health that unwanted body fat can have. In our search to find a quick and easy solution to our weight loss problem many are persuaded to experiment with increasingly bizarre methods in order to shed some pounds, but the fundamentals of weight loss can be boiled down to just two things:

1. Eat less

2. Exercise regularly

OK, I know that sounds like a ridiculous oversimplification of the problem, but that in essence is what is required in order to lose weight.

In order to both achieve and maintain your ideal weight, regular exercise is essential. A regular exercise routine will also make a significant contribution to your health and well being in addition to the weight loss benefits. The consensus appears to be that cardio-vascular exercise when carried out on a regular and consistent basis is key to an effective weight loss program.

The fitness equipment manufacturers are continually upgradiung with new devices.   Despite all of the novel devices that continue to flood the market, fitness equipment reigns supreme. That device is the treadmill, which is still considered to be the ultimate device for achieving a cardio-vascular workout and thus assisting you with your weight loss goals.

Treadmills have remained popular despite competition from many new and novel types of exercise equipment. The treadmill, however, has retained it’s popularity with both the average person who wants to lose weight and keep fit and the professional athlete.

The treadmill allows users to enjoy one of the most natural forms of exercise (walking and running) while in a safe, secure and comfortable environment.  Normally, walking and running outside can have some associated problems. These problems can come from extremes of weather, which can be either too cold, or hot, rain, wind or snow. Other problems may include your own personal safety with the ever increasing risk of attack from a stranger or stray dog. Walking on a treadmill, however, negates all of these problems as you can set the treadmill up in the comfort and security of your own home.

The treadmill can help alleviate the strain injuries that can be incurred by running on the hard road surface due to their cushioned tread belts and suspension systems.

The key to success with any fitness regime is consistency. For this reason it is important to make your treadmill session a part of your daily routine.  Exercising on a treadmill is a very pleasant experience with the quiet, consistent walking surface, and the safety and security provided by your home environment.

Modern treadmills offer many innovative and novel features to further enhance your workout experience. The programmes are usually designed to assist with a specific area of fitness. Other variations can include the ability for the user to design and store their own programs or heart rate programs where the speed and incline of the treadmill are varied in sympathy with the heart rate of the user.

A modern treadmill is a very pleasant place to be while spending quality time in life enhancing exercise.

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