Positive Thinking or Positive Affirmations?

6ac04a38-e13d-4fdf-aef1-6b372422c2ffA cliche that you usually hear from a movie or television show is, “It’s all in the mind.” When you hear this statement, it is being suggested that all the things that happen in your life, every little thing that you experience is brought about by your thinking. Yes, your mind is a powerful source of eventful situations. This is not unknown to many, especially to the people who have successfully made history in the world.

Positive affirmations are a facet of a law that governs the universe. The law of attraction is the universal law that governs you and every other individual on earth. This law states that anything you conceive in your mind can easily be achieved. The law of attraction exempts no one; each person is under the power of this law.

What does this law have to do with positive affirmations? How does this bring about the mishaps in your life? Imagine that your mind is a magnet that attracts every small thing that it thinks of. Visualize yourself thinking about your troubles all throughout the day. What does your mind do? It attracts negative things so they happen to you. When you think about problems more than positive affirmations, more problems come to you. When you put yourself on the negative side of things, they crop up more and more. That is how the law of attraction works.

Now, how are you going to make the law work in your favour? The answer lies in positive thinking. The solution is in prioritising favourable thoughts more than negative ones. See yourself successful and feel like success is already in your hands. Repeat these thoughts over and over until you vibrate them to the universe. Soon, the universe is going to give you what you attract. Soon, all your positive affirmations will be transformed into reality. That is exactly how you can let the law work in your favor.

The power of positive thinking has been proven for years. Many successful entrepreneurs and journalists have made their money using only these positive thoughts. The law does not work like magic; it is a law that works enigmatically

If you want a rational explanation of these things, here it is:

When you focus yourself on positive affirmations, you do not only attract them to come to you; you also begin to act to get these things done. When you put your concentration on these things, they become part of you and you become them. This is the ultimate reason why you should think of things as though you already have them, so that they become part of you and you achieve them.

The same thing works for negative thoughts, but since these are detrimental for you, they should be thrown out of the window. If you let positive thoughts govern your life, there nothing that you cannot have.

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