Incredible Shrinking? – Man & Woman

9aa28b23-d3df-437c-972b-fa6c32f0fdc9Many of you embrace getting older and use it as an excuse to throw a party, but others may be right to curse the date on their birth certificates. Reaching another birthday milestone is often cause for hiding away or pretending it just didn’t happen

You all know that growing older means greying hair and wrinkles. You also hear tales that you start getting shorter and more forgetful. What you were personally unaware of was the regrettable information that not only will your facial structure start deteriorating, but from that point, things like the heart to the genitals start shrinking as well.

But never fear, help is at hand! There is no reason for your penis to become an inch shorter so long as you start preparing now. If ever there was a reason for eating healthily, I think this is it. A low-fat diet will ensure healthy arteries which means better blood flow to the penis. It will also decrease the fatty substances being deposited inside the tiny arteries of the penis which restricts blood flow; this causes bad circulation which leads to atrophy of the tissues within the penis. This, in turn, leads to the muscles wasting away, thus a smaller penis.

For woman, the menopause means dwindling oestrogen levels which cause the bulk of the breast to turn into fat. Unfortunately, there’s not much to be done about this, but for both parties, a cheeky play in the bedroom on a regular basis will help with genital shrinkage – ‘use it or lose it’!

For the face, it is no longer thought that ageing is just down to gravity and loss of muscle tone. Recent thought suggest that it is the fault of the bones shrinking and the resulting effects are due to the skin and muscle sucking in around the smaller bone. Protect yourself with good dental hygiene – the jaw is very susceptible to shrinkage.

Going to the toilet more often is all down to the bladder shrinking to half the size by the age of 65 to what it was at 25. The changes in muscle structure means that you should start with the pelvic floor exercises asap. All together now…

The heart is an important but easy one to maintain and help. It simply means more exercise – the heart will become stronger and less likely to shrink. This will help the blood pump around the body better which maintains blood pressure.

A lot of good ageing comes with genes, but follow a balanced, healthy lifestyle and you may avoid everything shrinking and be able to embrace that next milestone. Incidentally, two things that keep growing the older you get are the ears and feet… life is unfair sometimes isn’t it?!

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