How You Can Use Yoga for Healing?

bfc23eb8-15ca-42b0-ab0a-9965c7110bfeTherapeutic yoga has been used for thousands of years in the healing of emotional, spiritual and physical needs. Today, all types of people from around the world use yoga for the same reasons – which is why yoga matters so much in maintaining a healthy balance within your life. There are several practical ways that you can apply yoga therapy for healing; starting from the basics, let’s go through the first steps to take for a therapeutic healing yoga session.

The first yoga “basic” practice you’ll use is concentration on breathing. Every session, no matter where you go, will start by drawing in and releasing long, soothing breaths. In doing this, you’re beginning to tell your body to relax and loosen up. In addition, your muscles are receiving more oxygen, which slows down your heart rate and supports concentration. This basic breathing practice is why yoga matters so much in the spiritual and physical realms of your life. By slowing your body down, you can concentrate more on your spirituality; by drawing in plenty of oxygen, you can allow your body to truly breathe at peace.

Most yoga sessions end in a state a relaxation, usually with yogis lying on the floor in a deep peace. At this point, you’ve completed your workout, and you are allowing all of the remaining bad energy to leave your body as you lie in a peaceful position. This last step is why yoga matters so much for emotional healing. Often, a lot of our emotions can be thought through by concentration and exercise.

Yoga therapy combines the best of these two worlds – and in those last five or ten minutes after your workout, you can use your cleared mind to let go of all negativity, hurt, or anything else that’s holding you back. As you reach this state, remember to clear your mind – a cluttered mind only makes dealing with emotions worse. Instead, clear your mind, relax, and focus on the positive emotions you’ve experienced that day. You’ll leave the studio refreshed and full of energy.

Yoga therapy is a practice that’s been used in healing for centuries, and is a practice that still thrives today in different cultures around the world. By applying a few of the steps above, you can begin to truly understand how yoga matters in a spiritual, emotional and physical sense. Start being more fine-tuned with your body – take a yoga class today.

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