How do you Keep Your Child’s Weight Down?

425707e0-41e6-40a5-ba75-cfcefdc1019fThere’s a lot of media coverage recently about growing obesity and this trend is not only in adults, but in children too.

Modern day children have developed unpleasant health problems related to obesity.  The issue doesn’t seem to be improving much!

What can you do to improve your child’s health, weight and future?

 Walk or Cycle Your Child to School: Too many parents drive their children to school when it’s only a 20/30 minute walk. Instead of driving, make your child walk to school. It’s a good way to start the day for your child/children and it’s good for you too.

 Enroll your Child in an Active Hobby: It’s all too easy to have your child sitting in front of the TV after school, many parents are understandably scared to let their children leave the house without supervision.  So, many kids  become accustomed to an indoor lifestyle. Let your child choose a new hobby, if it’s something they want to do, they’re much more likely to stick to it and want to attend regularly. Karate or some form of martial arts is a good physical activity, and it typically only costs £3-5 per session depending on your local area. There’s many more out there, so just have a look at what’s on in your local area.

Incorporate Exercise into Family Time: It really doesn’t have to cost the world, a family game of football in the garden or a family bike ride.  Believe me, most kids will really enjoy it.  If you are doing something special, consider an indoor climbing trip, rollerblading or ice-skating for a family treat instead of the cinema or a fast-food meal.

Adjust the Lunch Box :  Swap the chocolate bar or crisps for an apple or banana or a healthy yogurt. Children don’t need a sugary snack with every meal. They may kick up a bit of a fuss initially, but they’ll soon get used to their new lunch box menu and stop expecting crisps or chocolate on a daily basis.

 Healthier Family Meals: You’re all guilty of serving up unhealthy grub for your family meals – It’s just so quick and easy sometimes to whack a pizza in the oven or grab fish and chips on the way home. You’d be surprised of how many quick and easy healthy options there are though. One of my favourite examples is: oven cooked or steamed fresh fish, baked/new potatoes and broccoli (quick, easy and affordable). Don’t forget, your child doesn’t necessarily need as big a portion as you!

These are all simple tips that can be followed by anyone and incorporated into everyday life. Give them a go to keep your child a healthy weight now and for life.

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