Free Healthy Eating Plan for Kids

bc74f821-cc35-4602-bb54-c0e8340c4ffbIf you’re trying to ensure that you provide healthy eating for your kids, it helps to have a healthy eating plan.

Here’s a free healthy eating plan that’s easy to follow and will help ensure that you’re giving both yourself and your kids the best chance to eat healthily.

Free Healthy Eating Plan

  • Never go shopping on an empty stomach. You’ll buy all sorts of extra food, not all of which will be healthy to eat.
  • Take a shopping list with you when you go shopping and stick to it. Supermarkets are designed to get you to spend extra money when you’re shopping. Using a shopping list will reduce the temptation to buy unhealthy food.
  • Stock up on healthy foods like fruit and vegetables.  You may need to use your imagination, as kids don’t always like to eat food they perceive as healthy. They’ll be drawn to bright colors.  In your endeavors to provide healthy eating for kids, look out for items like peppers that will add color and flavor to your cooking.
  • Choose your cooking oil carefully. You may find that using something as simple, as a non-stick pan cuts or reduces the need for oil in cooking. Oven cooking can also reduce the need for oil and a hearty casserole can win over even fussy kids.
  • Make sure you go for fresh foods wherever possible. If they’re locally grown and in season, so much the better.
  • If you eat meat, choose lean cuts or trim the ones that you do buy.
  • Fish provides an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids; so remember to include fish in your healthy eating plan.
  • Choose whole grains over processed ones – for instance, whole grain bread rather than white bread. It’s easy nowadays to make your own bread using a bread making machine. You can even set them on a timer, so that you could wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread.
  • Don’t give up if you or your kids stray from your healthy eating plan occasionally. When your kids change to a plan of healthy eating, there can be occasions when things go awry. Don’t panic, just get back onto your free healthy eating plan as soon as possible.

Good Luck! Follow a plan for healthy eating for kids and yourself.

You will notice the benefits of eating healthily!

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