End a Friends-With-Benefits Situation Before it Breaks Your Heart

3ff8ec78-e028-4bd2-8511-125222fa9a38Have you ever felt the desperate need to end a friends-with-benefits situation with a guy? Are you feeling more deeply in love with him every time you have sex, but he seems to feel nothing for you? Are you getting more and more desperate for his affection with each passing day? If you’re nodding to any of these questions, then the answer is clear — you’ll need to learn how to end a friends-with-benefits situation fast.

Being friends-with-benefits with a guy can be great in the beginning, since guiltless sex is always fun. But women tend to develop emotional attachments to the men they have sex with, even if they’ve decided not to get too involved with each other. This is where the problem begins.

Men by nature have no problem being in this situation with a woman — some men may even have more than one friend-with-benefits. They don’t feel emotionally involved when they have sex with a woman in situations like these. So the more you stay friends-with-benefits with a guy, the more dangerous the situation becomes for you.

It’s important to end a friends-with-benefits situation quickly when you feel like falling in love with him, but at the same time know he’ll never return that love. We all know it’s not going to work out, so why force the issue?

So when ending this kind of toxic relationship, remember these three words: “Just say no.”

Learn not to pick up his phone calls or reply to his e-mails and text messages. Politely decline any invitations to dinner or coffee. Simply don’t make yourself available for him and instead focus on rebuilding your fragile ego from the ground up.

It’s never easy to get over a relationship you had so much hope for, but just remind yourself that you’re doing the best thing for both of you by ending things. Meeting new friends, keeping yourself busy, and concentrating on other aspects of your life can make it easier to end a friends-with-benefits situation. Good luck!

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