Dressing for Yoga

dressing-for-yoga-300x169As yoga necessitates the adoption of body postures and positions that require maximum flexibility, it is essential to wear clothes that do not inhibit and restrict fluid-movement. Therefore, suitable yoga apparel should be loose – fitting, durable, light and preferably made from fabrics that can allow your body to breathe. Clothes that are too tight will limit movement and clothes that are too heavy will impose increased physical pressures and strains on you.

However, whilst clothes need to be light and flexible, they still need to provide body support. For women, it is always advisable to wear a sports-bra during yoga, as it can increase body comfort. Similarly, people who experience joint-pain should consider using joint-supports in order to avoid imposing too much strain on affected areas of the body. Wearing dry-fit clothing can also be beneficial, as it can absorb body moisture which is likely to be produced by the more challenging exercises. For the yoga novice, it’s worth-while wearing shorts so you can observe your feet ankles and knees and learn how to position them correctly.

Whilst most people often like to look their best, especially when in-front of other people, it’s always best to avoid body-shaping apparel as this will restrict your movement. However there are plenty of fashionable and chic sports-brands around, so it won’t be difficult to find an outfit that makes you look good.

Whilst some people wear shoes when practicing yoga, and of course, the option is entirely yours, it’s probably best not to wear them. Shoes can sometimes be rigid and inflexible and can restrict your foot-movement. Within many yoga postures, it is important to flex and stretch body-parts to the best of your natural ability and wearing shoes can act as a barrier to this.

Of course, everyone has a different approach to what makes them feel comfortable and the previous tips should only act as a guide. However, if you want to get the most out of yoga, its best to wear clothes that can enable maximum body-movement.

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