Do Fat Busting Superfoods Surprise You?

33a796f4-65c3-4efe-89ae-a3fe358ac996You are what you eat. You have no time to cook your food.  For convenience, often you have processed and refined foods that are loaded with calories, carbohydrates and fat contents.  The food that you consume controls your body.  The better you eat, the more healthy will be your lifestyle.  It will be reflected in your everyday appearance and overall wellness.

You need to have healthy foods and a certain measure of exercise. When choosing what foods you should eat when trying to lose belly fat, it’s important to realize that your diet does not need to conform to those that you tend to see being advertised in fitness books, magazines, TV, etc. You know, the low-calorie, low-carbs, low-fat or low anything. However, it’s also true that certain foods have the ability to burn fat and you should consume them if your priority is to shed stomach fat. This article will list the most powerful foods that have the ability to speed up your metabolism and reduce the size of your waistline.

* Apples – it seems that an apple a day may also keep the belly fat away. Research has shown that people who ate an apple about 20 minutes prior to meal time consumed 180 calories less than who didn’t. Apples also make you feel fuller and suppress appetite due their high fiber content. They also require you to do plenty of chewing which may give you the impression that you are eating more than you actually are.

* Green tea – green tea is brewed from the leaves of chamomile, then steamed and dried. This gives it a different nutrient composition than those teas. Namely, it contains a lot more catechin polyphenols, chemicals that boost metabolism and are powerful antioxidants.

* Avocados – besides having a lot of healthy monounsaturated fats, they are a great source fibre that suppresses appetite and makes you fuller for longer. Each avocado contains about 15g of fiber, depending on size.

* Goji berries – very high in protein content and amino acids, goji berries are full of vitamins and have more antioxidant properties that any other berry. They are a great fat-burning food because they contain lots of fiber and various fatty acids. They also have one of the lowest Glycemic Index values (29) and will satisfy rather than increase your appetite.

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