Benefits of Natural Remedies During the Festive Period

xmas-300x169With Christmas just around the corner we should start to brace our body’s for a blizzard of rich foods, drinks, treat and indulgences, which make Xmas great fun, but are not especially good for our body’s and general health. It’s a time of the year, when it’s very difficult to, “say no” to things that are delicious but bad for you, and sometimes you just don’t want to. Fortunately, there are simple ways  to help your body deal with your lack of willpower and restraint- which can assist in healthy digestion, by ensuring that toxins do not build up and damage your health. Even, at other times during the year, it’s worth having these sort of digestive remedies around, so you can keep a close-eye on your health and wellbeing. Firstly, Herbal Elixir, is a form a caffeine-free, herbal-tea, that can reduce the sensations of bloating that often accompany over-eating and drinking. These teas, which often come in a peppermint, lemon-grass and chamomile form, can help expel body-gas, sooth the digestive system and also help to calm the nerves- serving as a remedy for many Christmas ailments! Your digestive-system and its processes can also benefit from the consumption of green juices, such as celery or cucumber juice. These can purify and accelerate the digestive process and enhance health due to their high-concentration of nutrients and other things that are good for you.  Other natural fruits, such as pineapples also include important digestive enzymes which can also help to relieve upset stomachs and constipation, whereas the common lemon has properties that can support liver detoxification and expel roughage that lingers in the intestines. Finally, spices such as ginger can help to alleviate digestive problems and discomforts by speeding – up digestion in the small intestine.  So, if you want to have a Xmas and New Year, free from the unpleasant side-effects of over-indulgence, why not give these alternative-remedies a go?

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