Yoga for Impotency (Erectile Dysfunction) & Spermatorrhoea

Yoga for Impotency (Erectile Dysfunction) & Spermatorrhoea

Yoga is often described as the complete science of life as it helps a person lead a happy and healthy life. It is also said that by practicing yoga, a person can get rid of all health problems and live a balanced life. Yoga is so effective that one can even get cured of impotence by practicing certain yoga poses regularly.

Impotence has become one of the biggest concerns of male society and hence it also indirectly affects the female society. Although impotence does not have any serious physical consequences, it can lead to mental complications as a person may become mentally distressed because of it. In case a person is not involved in a sexual relationship, impotence can greatly reduce his chances of actually being in one. At the same time, if the man is already in a sexual relationship with a woman, the relationship may undergo stress and not survive for long.

 Vascular (blood vessel) disease – Because erections are caused by the buildup of blood in the shaft of the penis, poor blood flow in the penis can result in problems with erection. Damage to blood vessels can be caused by hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) or damage to blood vessels from trauma. Vascular disease is believed to be the most common medical cause of erectile dysfunction.

Nerve damage (neuropathy) – Nerves must work normally for a man to be able to get and keep an erection. Nerve damage can result from diabetes, multiple sclerosis, prostate surgery or damage to the spinal cord.

Psychological factors – Sexual problems sometimes are caused by psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, guilt or fear. At one time, psychological factors were thought to be the major cause of erectile dysfunction. Doctors now know that physical factors are present in most men. However, embarrassment or “performance anxiety” can make a physical problem worse. Erectile dysfunction caused only by psychological causes is found most commonly in young men.

Medications – Many medications cause problems with sexual functioning, including drugs prescribed for high blood pressure, depression, heart disease and prostate cancer.

Hormonal problems – Abnormal levels of certain hormones, such as testosterone, thyroid hormone and a pituitary hormone known as prolactin, can interfere with erections and sex drive (libido). This is an uncommon cause of erectile dysfunction.

It is our changing lifestyle that has contributed to the rise of impotence or sterility in men. Impotence, a disorder where a man’s penis is unable to get erection during sexual intercourse, is mainly due to the inadequate blood supply to the male reproductive system. Although several medications are available to get rid of this problem, the best way to cure impotence is through the yogic way. Medicines may have side effects, but with yoga, there are no side effects.

One has to understand that anything related to stress or anxiety contributes heavily to impotence as it interferes with relaxation that is absolutely necessary for erection. This is where yoga comes into play naturally. Yoga is all about relaxation and stress-busting. While stress leads to erectile dysfunction, yoga reduces stress and helps in the treatment of impotence. Yoga is an effective exercise as it not only cures impotence but also improves overall health.

Practice yoga regularly if you want to get permanent results. However, all these yoga poses should be practiced regularly for about 1 to 2 months to get the results since yoga is a slow healing process. One should also take care of the fact that the poses are done under the expert guidance of a yoga teacher.

There are many causes of Impotency (Erectile Dysfunction) & Spermatorrhoea. Some are listed below:

  • Diabetes.
  • Kidney problems.
  • Neurological problems.
  • Weak nerves.
  • Blood Vessel disease.
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Heart disease.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Addiction of Tobacco.
  • Excess Alcohol.
  • Excess Smoking.
  • Treatments for prostate cancer.
  • Prostate enlargement.
  • Obesity.
  • Depression.
  • Stress.
  • Low confidence.
  • Psychological issues.


Benefits of yoga

  • Yoga enhances energy level and stamina.
  • Yoga boosts the sexual life and normal life of a person.
  • Helps to cure physical and mental problems.
  • Increases sexual desire.
  • Increases positive thinking.
  • Build up self confidence.
  • Cures erectile dysfunction.
  • Yoga cures premature ejaculation.
  • Yoga improves blood circulation.



  1. You must first stop worrying and think positively instead as all problems are temporary, not permanent. Your mind is the main thing- so think positively and get positive results.
  2. Though there are several drugs available in the market to treat this problem, these drugs have some side effects. On the other hand, Yoga is the best solution to strengthen the sexual power without any side effects. Regular practice will show definite results in few days.
  3. In most cases research has seen that due to low confidence a person finds himself incapable to perform sex. Yoga helps to make you mentally and physically stronger.
  4. Start running daily if you can.  It will increase the blood flow in your body specially abdomen area and penis.
  5. Stop masturbation on daily basis. Masturbation habit can cause problems if done too often.


  1. Consult your doctor if you are suffering from a serious health problem, like an abdomen injury.
  2. Practice yoga under expert guidance.
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