The Role of Surya Namaskar in Yoga


Yogic tradition is more than weight loss as  it strengthens muscles and whittles extra inches.The popularity of Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) is surging day by day Surya Namaskar is like drawing energy from sun through 12 fixed postures in the morning. The poses can be performed anytime of the day, these all posture taken from the Hatha Yoga

“Surya Namaskar stretches the muscles, makes the joints limber and strong, bones stronger and ligaments more flexible, and improves balance and posture,”

The poses are not easy for a beginner, but over the period of time a stabilized pace could be maintained.

The body consist the various system and organs which interrelated and coordinate with each other to give the best possible health and efficiently. It is very easy for these system to become disrupted .the result is disease and lack of vitality etc, Surya Namskar bring these system- the circulatory , reparatory, endocrinal, etc

Endocrine system ;This system plays an important part in determining our wellbeing as attitude towards of life, it consist of a large no. of different chemicals(Hormones)which interact with each other, reinforcing or counteracting each other. Even the slightest imbalance can cause widespread repercussion in the form of disease. A well known example is Fertility.

There are many other illness which are a direct result of hormones imbalance .the hormones are the officer of body , the brain is the commander and the part of the body are the solders, it is the hormones that mobilize and coordinate the different function of the body, Rates of growth, sexual function, excitability and so on are all controlled by hormones.

Surya Namaskar harmonizes this system helping to remove any irregularities by directly massaging the relevant glands and improving their blood flow imbalances of the endocrinal system often caused by mental  tension, Surya Namskar can help to remove of reduce this deeper cause of hormonal malfunction, especially if is supplemented by other Yoga practice.

Pose – 1 – This is maiden posture in which you should stand straight in front of the sun early in the morning. Clasp your hands close to your chest while inhaling and exhaling.

Pose – 2 –Raise your hands up and now move back with your hands while inhaling. Another way of doing this is ‘inhale chair pose’ in which you need to raise your hands with eyes towards the palms. Move down by bending knees a little.

Pose – 3-As you exhale now bow your body absolutely down. Try to bring your head closer to your knees.

 Pose – 4-As you inhale, extend your right leg backward with left leg’s knee touching your chest, hands firmly on the ground, and head straight.

Pose – 5-Hold your breath in the push-up position.

Pose – 6_This is one of the trickier Surya Namaskar steps, requiring you to exhale while touching eight body parts to the ground in a reversed reclining position: head, chest, hands, feet, and knees

Pose – 7-As you inhale, move your head up with chest wide open on the support of hands. Raise your half with head pointing at the sky.

Pose – 8-Exhale while pushing up your midsection as if your body is shaped like reversed V with your head between your arms.

Pose – 9-While inhaling, do a reverse of pose no. 4.

Pose – 10-While exhaling, bend your upper body close to your knees with hands firmly on the ground besides feet.

Pose – 11-As you inhale, pose like a warrior.

Pose – 12 –Repeat the pose no. 1.

Though Surya Namaskar yoga has been found miraculous in developing the sense of wellness, it is not recommended for all and sundry, especially not for individuals with upset heart, arthritis, or backbone problem.

People sometimes misunderstand what Surya Namaskar stands for, and thus are reluctant to adopt or explore it – it can be thought of as a form of yoga that necessitating stretches. While stretches are of course necessary, Surya Namaskar goes beyond just stretching. Yoga improves your flexibility and strength and therefore everyone with any body structure can bring balance in their body, mind, and spirit by practicing miscellaneous yoga poses, Surya Namaskar yoga being one of them.

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